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Tequila Ultra Premium

The interesting history of great tasting agave spirit goes way back in time. From history related to the Aztec civilization fermenting agave, to the 16th century stories related to the Spanish distilling the agave, in Mexico. Produced in the region of Tequila, Jalisco, it was constricted to a certain geography. A lot changed since then. Over a very long period of time, the love for this exquisite spirit has taken over the world.

In the last century, the industrialization of tequila has changed the face of agave spirits in the global market with soar in demand. With our love for the spirit and essence of Mexican culture, we decided to bring the finest form of tequila for the world, with the face of Laya. Produced in the Jaliscan Highlands, using the finest of the 8 years aged “Agave Tequilana”. Each drop is a compliment and its flavor, full of glory.

We are Laya

A broad smile is not an absentminded act, but it is, in itself, a natural expression that denotes friendship, commands respect and even proclaims victory. Laya, a reflection of our smile and strength. Bringing happiness with its aroma and virtue. It is a careful craftsmanship, with the presence of an immaculate conquest.
Without emerging, it shines, without vainglory, Excels. LAYA ”the reflection of our smile and our strength”.

With our love for the spirit and essence of Mexican culture, we decided to bring the finest form of tequila for the world, with the face of Laya. Produced in the Jaliscan Highlands, using the finest of the 8 years aged “Agave Tequilana”. Each drop is a compliment and its flavor, full of glory.





The What

Crafted from the finest range of 7-year-old “Agave Tequilana”.

The Where

Produced in the highland region of Jalisco, in the town of Amatitlan.

The How

Cooked in brick ovens, we ferment our spirits naturally.

We are Laya. Organic & proud.

The Proof

Our Philosophy

The company’s business model centers around cultural empowerment, exceptional people, the experience of a moment and philosophy or opportunity.
Laya´s tequilas are distributed by a diverse network of partners and third-party distributors.

Our growth strategy revolves around brand building, understanding consumer´s needs as well as trade dynamics to increase brand activation while maintaining the quality of our products.

Our platform is built on paying special attention to the relationship between our brand, distributors and final consumers. Our operating model and culture stand for efficiency in agility and responsiveness with a friendly and outgoing approach: we aim to please our consumers’ demands while standing as a professional and world-class company for our distributors.

Our marketing model is to establish a strong, a positive relationship with our global partners, get to know the needs and demands of the local consumer to make our brand feel familiar and make it easy to allocate by country all while maintaining the core essence our spirits designation of origin and our company’s vision and culture.


We produce our spirit right at the heart of Mexico. We are committed to creating an environmentally sustainable, socially responsible production with the highest standards of quality without sacrificing the subtle and ancient art the  manufacturing of our goods requires.


We focus our marketing on connecting with our new and existing consumers in a casual way to allow an organic authenticity with our target audience while taking seriously our obligations to market responsibly and help the end users make informed decisions.


We want society to view alcohol not only as a pleasant activity, but also an in-depth culturally rich exposure; a sensory experience, a moment. Feel the ancestral knowledge poured into conception, aligned with the present time to create an explosion of flavor bottled as one of the finest spirits in the market.


We strive to identify emerging trends and boldly modernize our brand whenever necessary to maintain our position in competitive and fast paced environments. This philosophy is a permanently ingrained mission for our business, and we are constantly active in our search for new, game-changing products.

Brand Building

Success comes as a natural consequence of value creation and our priority is to build a strong foundation of our business with what we do best: spirits with the highest quality, authentic craftsmanship, creativity and a deep understanding of our consumers demands. We aim to position our brands as beloved, luxurious and iconic in their respective categories.


We are primarily a people-driven, consumer-centric, sales led organization in which every member understands their role and its importance. We work to deliver an outstanding experience to everyone involved with us: our products readily available whenever the consumer wants them and on time when our distributors need them.

Global Reach

Following the line of thought we strive to improve the quality of our route to consumer, so we remain diligent and restless in our commitment to deliver a professional, friendly and strong relationship with our partners. We take their trust seriously to further our access to their local markets and look forward to our joint success.

The Truest

Unaged, clear, settled, we bring you our finest agave in the purest form with a fresh aroma.
Laya Silver.


Pure Transparent



The Vogue

Perfectly aged, reflecting the fineness of our best efforts and composure, yet so contemporary. Introducing Laya Cristal. 

Cristal Clear


18 months

American Oak

The Classic

Retaining the crafting essence, reposado has always been a personal favorite across the world.
We bring you that essence with Laya Ultra-Premium Reposado

Elegant Gold


6 months

American Oak

The Mystique

Something so unique, yet recognizable, with an elegant taste. Raising the bar,
we bring for the world, the first of its kind,
Laya Ultra Premium Black Edition.

Enticing Black


9 months

Charred American
Oak Barrels